Resources and therapy are not always readily available for those who need it most. We are here for you.

We offer a sliding payment scale for all uninsured (or those whose insurance we are unable to bill) to ensure you are able to attain the therapy you deserve.

Family Trauma Specialist 

Finding Hope Counseling Services, LLC was founded in August of 2020 by Thomas Shoffner, LPC and is in Philadelphia, MS. Our founder, Thomas, presently holds a dual license in both Mississippi and Pennsylvania and is trained Marriage and Family Counseling from Mississippi College.

Thomas has worked in mental health consistently for the past 7 years. During this time, he has worked in different areas. These include inpatient facilities, Behavior Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS or Wraparound), outpatient, and community mental health. This also included working with kids, adults, teens, and families.

We offer the following counseling sessions.

Areas of expertise/competencies include:
ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Premarital Counseling, Trauma (Which includes PTSD, Family Trauma, etc), Grief, Behavioral Issues, Divorce, Faith-based Counseling, Eating Disorders, and Group Therapy.
Individual counseling sessions

Individual Sessions

These typically last 45 to 50 minutes and primarily focus on one person and what they are facing. There is a focus on treatment goals as well as implementing several types of therapy to help manage them.

Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Typically, 50 minutes in length and focus on improving family interactions as well as the perceived problem the family is facing. During this, Family Systems Trauma (FST) is primarily used.

Couples counseling

Couples Sessions

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and include pre-marital and marital counseling. Sessions focus on any potential disagreements and how to communicate their wants/needs more effectively.

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